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cafederazia Restaurant in Kfar Tavor

Mediterranean restaurant, Italian food, Breakfast, Hamburger, Coffee, Mediterranean food

It's worth passing through Kfar Tavor!
Cafederazia is the perfect stopping point in the north. The place to jumpstart your day with a good breakfast, which will energize you for your trip to the Golan or Galilee resorts. Even on the way home, it is worth stopping for a bite at our place. Here, at the heart of Kfar Tavor, drink, eat and relax while bonding with the magnificent nature all around you. It is truly beautiful here, but more than anything – it’s delicious!

The best of the north on your plate
The food in Cafederazia is prepared with local ingredients and high quality produce from all surrounding farms - from the Galilee cheese, the delightful wine to the finest olive oil.

The varied menu includes 
special breakfasts that can be found only here, surprising starters, fresh vegetable salads, rich pastas, hamburgers, vegetarian dishes and a variety of sweet desserts. One thing is for sure: you will find yourself smiling when you order "sandwich is not a shame", "exciting burger" or "share with me." Food should be happy, is it not? :-)

Enjoy fine coffee from the bar along with a 
variety of alcoholic beverages such as wine from the region, draft beers and a variety of cocktails.

Get excited inside, fall in love outside
The decor of Cafederazia combines a rustic-Galilean atmosphere with the scent of European towns, and the result is simply eye-catching. The windows overlook the open courtyard and the picturesque view of the village, and suddenly you find yourself having thoughts of moving north...

More in cafederazia Restaurant in Kfar Tavor

Outdoor garden
Access To public transport


not kosher
Outdoor dining option
Restaurant with free parking
Take Away


Smoking area

Private room



Handicapped Access

Opening Hours

Sun-Thu: 09:00-23:00
Fri: 09:00-16:30
Sat: 12:00-23:00

Contact details

Connecting number

Phone: 053-8095159

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